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Alpaca Times Saturday, May 28

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Quechua Benefit

Northwest Alpacas is proud to be a sponsor of The Quechua Benefit.  Visit Quechua  Travel to Peru or make a contribution. 

Alpaca Library
Northwest Alpacas Limited Editions

Very Pregnant Females

For anyone who wants to make a high value alpaca purchase, pregnant females are the best choice for several reasons:

  • They have a proven ability to conceive.
  • The shorter the due date, the higher the value of the Dam.
  • Pregnant females will have 2 or 3 cria before a six month old female cria might have 1.

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Silver Collection

A lovely collection of silver and rose gray alpacas which we have identified in our "Silver Collection".

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Click here to learn more about color inheritance 

  Peruvian Collection

Northwest Alpacas has just created this collection to quickly identify those alpacas for sale that we have certified full Peruvain which we have documented by pedigree.  

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Send an "alpaca e-card"

Check out the NWA photo gallery and send and e-post card to a friend. We have images from all over the world.

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Alpaca Art Gallery

Northwest Alpacas has recently added an Art Gallery. These prints capture the essence of Peruvian life.
Limited works now available.
Alpaca Books

Alpacas: Synthesis of a Miracle
a book by Michael Safley

Cover of Alpacas: Synthesis of a Miracle

"One of the most important contributions to the Alpaca industry."

Order your copy today.

Ideal Alpacas: From Myth to Reality
a book by Michael Safley

Complete alpaca information and alpaca consulting - Ideal Alpaca: From Myth to Reality Order your copy today.

"A must read for anyone serious about herd improvement, learn how to create the ideal alpaca."

Alpaca Shepherd
a book by Michael Safley

Alpaca Shepherd

Order your copy today.

"The Alpaca Shepherd walks both new and experienced breeders through the process of building barns and fences, caring for cria, breeding and reproduction, delivering babies and creating a breeding program."

The Alpaca Chronicles
a book by Michael Safley

The Alpaca Chronicles Order your copy today.

Discover the industry that grew around the gentle, doe-eyed alpacas beginning in 1984.

Win an Alpaca

The contest is currently closed. Click here to view past winners of Win an Alpaca!

Alpaca Birth Sequence

Witness the miracle of birth in the highlands of Peru.

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