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  She was painted by an unknown artist of the Cusco School of Painting in Peru. You will see the gold leaf highlighting which is indicative of the painters who paint in this style. The Madonna has her eyes downcast, which suggests that she was painted by an Indian artist. Similar paintings by Spanish artists would reflect the subject, such as Madonna, looking to Heaven.


Madonna with Alpacas
11-1/2" x 15-1/2" Giclee Print on Somerset Velvet
Price: $200.00
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The Giclee Print

The French term Giclée, (zhee-clay) meaning spray of ink, is a fine art print produced with continuous tone ink-jet technology on a variety of media. This process of fine art printmaking requires precision and attention to detail. Creating the edition also requires utmost care in assuring color quality and consistency.

Size and substrate variety can be executed without compromising detail and color vibrancy. Printing from an original, transparency or electronic file makes the Giclée printing process extremely versatile.

The IXIA printer (pronounced zia) — is the greek word for “iris.” With proven technology, this is the new generation Iris printer, made specifically for giclée printmaking. Archival papers such as Arches or Somerset and canvas is mounted. Spraying over 1 million droplets per second onto the selected substrate — producing an apparent resolution of 2000 dots per inch. Equipoise dye base inks boasts a balance between lightfastness and color quality and produces enhanced color performance. Precision along with the depth of color range captures the subtleties of an original image. Using archival papers and dye inks will assure enhanced color performance, luminosity and image stability ensuring high quality and long lasting prints.

Technology art and the classical arts together, brings us to an exciting era in the creative process.

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