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Alpaca Library

Welcome to the largest, most complete library of articles, resources and published writings about alpaca on the Internet.

At Northwest Alpacas, we believe strongly that information and knowledge will drive the betterment of the entire alpaca market.


Glossary of Alpaca Terms
A National Alpaca Improvement Program (new)
How to Accurately Select for Alpacas with High Breeding Value (new)
Blue Eyed Whites (new)
What are EPD's?(Estimated Progeny Differences) (new)
The Suri Gene Supreme -- A Crossbreeding Conundrum (new)
Homozygous Suris: What are the Odds? (new)
Macho's: The Father's Lineage
Planned Breeding by Lloyd C. Bracket
Jiggling Genes by Dr. Philip Sponenberg
Genetic Improvement in the Alpaca Industry by Chris Tuckwell
The Status of Grey Alpacas in the Australian Herd
The Status of White and Red Alpacas in the Australian Herd
Pure Blood - Part I: The Mechanics of Inheritance
Pure Blood - Part II: Pure Blood or Pure Money Measurement
Pure Blood - Part III: Breeding Systems
Pure Blood - Part IV: Industry Goals
Read Before you Breed
The Inheritance of and Association Among Some Production Traits in Young Australian Alpacas
Evolving the Australian Alpaca
Are You Afraid of Inbreeding?
Practical Alpaca Breeding
Selection from Animal Breeding
Animal Breeding- Prepotency
Developing a Breeding Program
Alpaca Herdsire Selection: The Art and The Science
Alpaca Breeding for Genetic Gain

Fleece Color Heritability

Breeding for Color
Theory of Colour Inheritance in Alpacas
An Update of Alpaca Fleece Colour
Alpaca Fiber: Color Contamination
Fleece Colours 2001 - An Update


Concern over Peru's Coarsening Alpaca Fibre
What Makes a Champion?
Measuring Microns
The Studmaster Fleece Report
Alpaca Fiber from the Textile Point of View
Don't Let Micron Madness Crimp Your Style
Are People Allergic To Wool?
The Role of Crimp in the Textile Process
Some Views on Evaluating Suri Fiber
Peruvian Interviews
The Case For Crimp
Crimp Versus Crinkle
Measuring Fibre Curvature: Key Issues
Fiber Testing Terminology
Crying Over Spilt Onions?

Animal Husbandry

Boarding Alpacas: A Great way to start your Herd (new)
Alpaca Skin Problems: The Myth, The Mites, and the Munge - Witches Brew
Mobile Mating
BVD Virus and Alpacas - The Detective Story
BVD Virus - A Newly Recognized Serious Health Problem for Alpacas
Recommendations for Testing for Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus in Alpacas & Llamas
Confirmed BVDV Cases in Alpacas - The Alpaca Research Trust


9 Ways to Get More from Your Alpaca Website
Very Pregnant Females (new)
The 2002 Alpaca Market Belongs To The Optimist
The Alpaca Market In The Year 2018
Getting Started in the Alpaca Business
A New Kind of Alpaca Marketing Co-op
The American Alpaca Market: Ship of Fools? I Don't Think So!
Is an Alpaca Website Really Necessary for My Farm?
Elements of a Successful Alpaca Website
How to Get the Most From Your Link Building Strategy through Your Sales & Marketing Department
American Alpaca Market in Retrospect
The Alpaca Business, A Unique Opportunity
The Alpaca Market, Back to the Future
What is the Value of a Gelding Alpaca?

Alpaca History

Imported Peruvian Alpacas 1993-1998
In Search of the World's Finest Alpacas
A Conversation with Don Julio Barreda
Worlds Finest Alpaca Breeder
The History of Alpaca Breed Standards in the U.S.
Sir Titus Salt and the Golden Fleece
Sister Antonia and The Mystic Powers of Peru's Cuy
The Gentleman Farmer
The Joy of Alpacas
Chacu: Peru Reinstates Incan Rules of Vicuna Conservation to Save an Endangered Species
A New Dawn in the Ancient Andes (1997)
Alpacas, Sun and Surf
Alpacas Down Under

Industry Issues

Alpacas in the Future: 1-2-3 (new)
The Case for Closure(1998)
A Comparative Analysis of Alpaca Breed Type and Standards
Our Future: Alpaca Breed Standards or Flip of the Coin?
A Standard of Excellence
Showing Suri Alpacas
Alpacas: Is Freedom of the Press a Good Idea?
The ARI is Doing the Right Thing
The Tale of the ARI Database
The Canadian Registry & ARI Registry Reciprocity Issues: A History


Alpaca Judging: Art or Science? (new)
The Blame Game or Fair and Friendly Competition
Cheating At Shows
The Ideal Alpaca - Suri & Huacaya
How to Select and Show Winners
Being the Best - Alpaca Registry - That We Can Be
AOBA Show Rules - 50/50 Rule

Mike's Musing

My Brother Mark
The Empty Chair
The Dogs We Have Known

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